What is the Campari Academy?

The CAMPARI ACADEMY is a global network of educators that are dedicated to evolving, elevating and progressing the ways in which bartenders are educated.

In Australia, this is brought to life by the Campari Academy Australia local team who take innovative and exciting approaches to inspiring the bartending community through two unique programs: Masterclass and our Training Program.

Explore this page to learn more about our initiatives and the team behind them.

What is a Masterclass?

The Masterclass Program saw a revolutionary approach to professional bartender education when it was introduced in March 2019. The Campari Academy Team engages and invites global and local “Masters” to discuss new research and fresh perspectives on bartender relevant topics.

What is a Training Program Session?

The CAMPARI ACADEMY AUSTRALIA Training Program was created to offer elevated bartender education sessions that go beyond basic product and cocktail training. Our aim is to inspire bartenders of all level of experience with aspirational category training modules.

Staff Training For Your Venue

If you would like one of the Campari Academy Team to come to your venue and deliver an in-depth training on our family of brands at Campari Australia or work to develop your bar team’s understanding of hospitality and bartendering with one of our Fundamental Sessions, please Contact Us or reach out to your local Campari Australia representative.

Meet The Team


The Campari Academy Australia was launched in March 2019 with a promise to bring a new level of education to the bartenders of Australia that would inspire them to look at all facets of the industry with a critical and creative approach.

Bartenders all over Australia are invited to experience unique sessions crafted and presented by The Campari Academy Team covering diverse topics delving into the brands and categories that make up the Campari Australia portfolio melded with new approaches to the science, history and production extending beyond traditional brand trainings.

Whether you attend one of our Masterclass Sessions that sees the Campari Academy Team collaborating with experts from all over the world or one of our Training Program Sessions that sees us taking our method of education outside of the major cities, you will be leaving the session asking when the next one is and how to get your name on the list.

TRIS sotw

Tristram Lilburne-Fini

Campari Academy Ambassador NSW/ACT
Having spent most of his life serving liquid fun all across Perth, Tristram was welcomed into the Campari Australia family as a Portfolio Brand Ambassador in 2016 bringing over a decade of hospitality experience along with him. He had been taking the people of Perth on a journey into the world of Italian spirits as being part of one of the first venues to bring Negroni Week to life in the west at Ace Pizza and challenging the perception that a spritz is only a daytime beverage at his former bar Late Night Valentine. These days you can find Tristram bringing the Campari Academy sessions to life over on the east coast, engaging and educating bartenders all over NSW and the ACT and showing them how not to pronounce many Italian words.
LUCA sotw

Luca Baioni

Campari Academy Ambassador VIC/TAS/WA/SA

Born and bred in the Milanese countryside, Luca’s bartending career started from the ground up and even though he worked some of the most talented individuals the industry has to offer, he has continued to remain humble and thirsty for knowledge. In 2018 he fulfilled a childhood dream of his by beginning his career with Campari, initially taking care of all things advocacy and engagement in WA and SA and extending that in 2019 to cover Victoria and Tasmania as well. Being the passionate and inquisitive human that he is, you can find Luca geeking out on a new obsession almost every week. Whether it be dreaming about spending time on the water sailing or beneath it diving, travelling the world drinking bone dry Martinis or champagne or listening to various genres of music, you can be assured that Luca’s life is far from boring.

JAY sotw

Jay Lambert

Campari Academy Ambassador QLD/NT
After working on both sides of the bar managing, consulting, training and winning a couple of cocktail competitions, Jay realised a lifelong dream of owning his own bar, an award winning gastro pub Statler and Waldorf opened in 2013. Jay is passionate about taste, flavour and well executed simplicity. When he’s not sharing his passion for Vermouth or casually enjoying a Milano-Torino you can usually find him chilling with his Doberman- Pinot, or teaching a Yoga class on the weekend. Jay has a refined and thoughtful approach to drinks. In 2016 his impressive resume and affable style led him to join the brand ambassador team at Campari Australia covering QLD & the NT.
DANI sotw

Daniele Pirotta

Regional Bartender Advocacy & Engagement Manager, APAC

Originally from Milano-Italy, Dani has managed venues, cocktail bars, and led event teams across Italy, Europe, the US and Finally Australia. He first joined Campari Group in 2012, as one of the original members of Campari Brand Ambassador Team. In 2018, he led the introduction of the Campari Academy to the Australian Bartending community, prioritizing our Bartenders’ thirst for genuine knowledge and education, through the platform’s different initiatives. Numerous accomplishments were achieved by the Campari Academy team since then, including being recognized and awarded for Training Program of the Year at the 2019 Australian Bar Awards. Together with the talented Campari Academy Team, Dani manages all Bartender Engagement Initiatives and our ever-evolving calendar of Masterclasses and Trainings. Favorite cocktail? The one and only Campari Shakerato.

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